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Trace Genomics, a a San Francisco Bay area startup developing revolutionary, AI-enabled diagnostic tools for farmers to increase yields and reduce costs, has closed a $13 million Series A round.

Trace Genomics was founded by Dr. Diane Wu and Dr. Poornima Parameswaran, who met as graduate students in Nobel Laureate Andrew Fire’s lab at Stanford University. Their complementary backgrounds span computational biology, genomics, data science, immunology, microbiology and infectious diseases.

“We’ve spent our careers working on genomics technology, watching it transform human health in a very significant way. We’re passionate about bringing that power to every farmer, using genomics and big data to help them make smarter decisions and materially change our approach to food production,” says Diane Wu, PhD, Trace Genomics’ CEO and Co-founder.

“Trace Genomics has developed a highly scalable software and analytics platform to quantify soil productivity and offer actionable insights never before captured. It has the opportunity to transform how we measure sustainable and regenerative farm management practices,” Stage 1 Ventures operating partner Joseph Pianelli said in a statement.

Additional information can be found in the press release.