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Trace Genomics, inventor of the first scalable soil microbiome with DNA sequencing and machine learning methods, is a winner of the FoodShot Global Innovating Soil 3.0 competition.

FoodShot Global was established last year as a non-profit consortium of venture funds, banks, corporations, universities, and foundations to invest in startups and projects using the latest technology to address some of the food system’s major challenges, starting with soil health. Partners include Rabobank, Generation Investment Management, agtech VC Acre Venture Partners, S2G Ventures, the Rockefeller Foundation, UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health (IIFH), and the entrepreneurial segment of the food giant MARS (MARS Edge).

The $3 million investment in Trace Genomics is an extension to its Series A and will open up FoodShot Global’s network of stakeholders for additional support, according to Victor Friedberg, founder of FoodShot Global (FSG).

Additional information can be found on the Agfunder website.