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Commerce Signals, the leader in near-real-time marketing measurement and optimization, proudly announced today its payment data partnership with Worldpay, Inc., the world’s largest payment processing company. Together, Commerce Signals and Worldpay will provide brands with crucial attribution insight using their first-party payment data. Worldpay processes card-based transactions — including alternative payment methods — for merchants, which can account for more than 70% of sales.

“As a result of the Worldpay and Commerce Signals partnership, brick-and-mortar retailers can operate with the speed and precision of their e-commerce competitors,” said Thomas Noyes, founder and CEO of Commerce Signals. “Worldpay is so much more than a processor. Its global data footprint drives value beyond the payment transaction. Payment data is a powerful tool for consumer insights, and Commerce Signals provides the privacy-centric platform to unlock its potential.”

The complete article can be found on the Market Insiders website.