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Feyzi Celik, Chief Executive Officer of OnePIN, Inc., announced today that OnePIN will keep all headcount during this highly unexpected global pandemic. He also noted that he will not ask employees to accept pay cuts during these difficult times.

As other organizations are streamlining, furloughing, and scaling back, Celik noted that his focus has been on engaging the team, realigning work roles, and continuing to keep the company’s strong team affinity culture alive via informal conferences, fun Whatsapp discussions, one-on-one check-ins, and engaging projects.

Allowing flexibility has also been key. “We fully recognize that our team members are simultaneously home schooling children, shopping for older parents, checking in and helping family and neighbors who are immune compromised, and balancing household tasks where they may have previously had additional help. These are unique times, and allowing for flexibility has been key to maintaining an energized and motivated team,” notes Celik.

Additional information can be found on the OnePIN press release.