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About Stage 1 Ventures

Stage 1 Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that is seeking to build partnerships with great entrepreneurs that are flexible and who want to build meaningful companies. We want to assist you with our global network of relationships as well as provide the capital you need to fuel the growth of your company.

A good idea can happen anywhere: You don’t need to live in our backyard or be previously venture-backed – just have a great vision/idea and exhibit persistent behavior and passion to achieve success. It is our goal to mentor and help establish a new generation of serial entrepreneurs. In the end, it’s all about execution from great management and we often find that great entrepreneurs are some of the most reflective and active learners. Together we will make "timing" happen. Stage 1 Ventures will invest in companies that have first demonstrated they have market enabling IP.

We believe that if an early stage entrepreneur has enough insight to protect the intellectual property of their company, then the new venture has a higher likelihood of success. Finally, the companies we pursue will serve a global opportunity and be focused on industries in which we have operational or investment experience. We serve companies located throughout the world and who tend to be capital efficient and more about the movement of bits than atoms. Our market focus today is in Mobile, the Executable Internet or Software as a Service (SaaS) , IPTV and Internet Video, Pay-For-Performance Marketing and Advertising, and Security.