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Promoboxx, a Brand-To-Retailer Marketing Platform, expands its momentum in outdoor market by adding Arc’teryx and Osprey packs to its client list.

The way outdoor consumers shop has changed dramatically. Today, Millennials make up the largest population of all outdoor consumers, representing 40 percent of the market. Of that group, 71 percent are actively engaged on social media channels, while 46 percent search for product information on their mobile devices and 30 percent make purchases on their mobile devices.>/p>

“Engaging with outdoor consumers on the digital, mobile channels where they are spending the bulk of their time is an imperative for brands and their specialty retailers,” said Ben Carcio, CEO, Promoboxx. “As the connection between brands and retailers that co-op marketing promised to be, but never was, Promoboxx is uniquely positioned for this new digital era of outdoor retail marketing, and we are thrilled to have such respected brands like Arc’teryx and Osprey Packs on-board with us.”

Additional information can be found in the EIN Newsdesk article.

Marxent, a Stage1Ventures portfolio company, was featured in a Inc. article entitled “How Virtual Reality Will Help You Drive Sales”. Forbes staff writer Graham Winfrey makes the bold statement that the time is now for retailers to study up on virtual reality.

The promise of virtual reality has been hyped for years – but Marxent Labs VisualCommerce platforms demo at CES is real. On display was the Lowes Holoroom, a product visualiization center that allows consumers to choose home improvement products into a room then virtually tour the room they are designing.

Additional information and a video demonstration can be found in the Inc. article.

PureCars, a Stage1Ventures portfolio company recently acquired by Raycom Media, announced the release of SmartAdvertising Socal. This product is the only retargeting solution in the market that allows automotive dealers to serve specific, VIN-level ads on search and display networks. By using a car buyer’s browsing history and integrating PureCars technology with Facebook, these VIN-level ads appear in the right place and at the right time on the social network.

Additional information can be found in the purecars press release.

Deep Information Sciences, a Stage 1 Ventures portfolio company, reported strong customer traction & top awards for DeepSQL – an high performant self-optimizing MySQL database.

“In a world that’s constantly moving and changing, data-driven insights and cloud-speed operations aren’t just ‘nice-to-haves,’ they’re essential for success. But for most organizations, they’re completely out of reach. Databases are holding businesses back—they’re much too rigid, require a lot of manual tinkering and can’t keep up with today’s incredible and ever-increasing data volume and velocity,” said Les Yetton, CEO of Deep Information Sciences. “That’s why we invented the adaptive database engine and why DeepSQL is gaining so much traction. It’s the only database solution that enables businesses to automatically react to changing conditions, easily handle the data tsunami, fully leverage the cloud, and operate at speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than anything previously possible.”

Additional information can be found in the deepis press release.

PC World Editor Gordon Mah Ung reviews Wintricity’s wireless laptop powering solution at CES.

The PC World article can be found here.


ViralGains, a Stage1Ventures portfolio company, announced that they secured $12.3 million in a Series A funding. ViralGains, which helps brands build relationships with consumers, received the first round of venture capital financing from Stage 1 Ventures along with 500 Startups, Launch Capital, Hub Angels, Pallasite Ventures and several other individual investors as revealed from the SEC filing today.

David Baum, Managing Director of Stage 1 Ventures said, “ViralGains is the clear leader in driving engagement and insight in video advertising. As marketing and advertising increasingly become data-driven activities, we see major trends towards performance-driven marketing. ViralGains stands at the intersection of mobile, social, and video, and is poised to become the leader of the new generation of performance-driven marketing technology companies.”

Additional information can be found in a MarTech Advisor article.

Beck Besecker, CEO of Marxent, a Stage1Ventures portfolio company, was interviewed by Matt Burns onstage at CES 2016.

The topic – Building Augmented Reality Libraries – was well attended and can be viewed in its entirety on the TechCrunch Website.

inStream, a Stage1Ventures portfolio company, announced today a new partnership with Marsh, a company that operates 73 Marsh Supermarkets and O’Malia Food Markets in Indiana and Ohio. Marsh joins the inStream retailer network of 38,000 plus retail locations nationwide, offering point-of-sale (POS) and digital marketing programs to today’s value-driven consumers.

We have chosen inStream as our partner to offer new savings and value through its personalized POS marketing program which reinforces our Fresh Idea loyalty offers and commitment to deliver savings and value to Marsh shoppers,” said Amit Bhardwaj, Marsh’s senior director of Customer Loyalty. “inStream was an obvious choice for Marsh and O’Malia’s Food Stores given the company’s deep understanding of how to deliver value to consumers, enhance our loyalty program and enable us to potentially impact each and every transaction.”

“We are excited to partner with Marsh and are committed to delivering strong and meaningful marketing programs to its shoppers through multiple touchpoints,” commented inStream CEO, Ann Raider. “Marsh is a leading supermarket retailer and we are delighted to add them to our retailer network to help national advertisers who are continually looking to develop effective personalized targeted marketing. Marsh will enjoy the benefit of leveraging our unique offer management platform and marketing solutions to targeted shoppers, enhancing the shopper experience while driving the next sale—where and when they shop.”

Additional information can be found in the PR Newswire announcement.

PureCars, a Stage1Ventures portfolio company recently acquired by Raycom Media, was referenced in an Inc article entitled “20 Massive Deals That Changed the Tech World in 2015”. In this article, senior writer Christine Lagorio writes about the top M&A deals this year.

Coming in at number 16, Raycom Medias acquisition of PureCars was described as Band of Outsiders: This digital-ad firm isn’t in Silicon Valley or Alley–it’s from Charleston, South Carolina. And its 140 employees attained rocket revenue growth–1,401 percent over the past three years–by being a preferred partner of Google in the automotive ad sector.

The complete article can be read here.

Marxent, a Stage1Ventures portfolio company, was featured in a Forbes article entitled “Marxent Positioned At Center of $100 Billion Virtual and Augmented Reality Market”. Forbes Chief Insight Officer Bruce Rodgers singles out Beck Besecker, Co-Founder and CEO, Marxent as an industry Thought Leader who is changing the business landscape.

Comparing Beck and his brother Barry as modern day “Wright Brothers”, the article explores Marxents early trials and tribulations and its rise as the leader in branded Augmented Reality experiences for retailers and manufacturers and virtual 3D products.

The complete article can be read here.

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