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TriLumina’s VCSEL Arrays Reliably Operate at Temperatures between Minus 40 and 125 Degrees C

TriLumina, the leading developer of VCSEL (vertical-cavity surfaceemitting laser) technology for automotive, consumer and industrial time of flight (ToF) and 3D sensing applications, announced today their completion of all required tests for AEC-Q102 Grade 1 Operation, which means it can reliably operate at temperatures ranging from minus 40 to 125 degrees C.

“We are proud to announce another world first for TriLumina,” said Brian Wong, president and chief executive officer for TriLumina. “We design our products from the ground up to perform reliably over wide
temperature ranges in extremely rigorous automotive operating conditions. Having the first AEC-Q102 Grade 1 qualified VCSEL product in the industry proves just that.”

The complete Press Release can be found on the TriLumina website.