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OnePIN, Inc., the world’s leading provider of Digital User Engagement services for Mobile Network Operators, today announced that A1 Telekom Bulgaria has commercially launched its Digital Assistant services.

A1 Telekom Bulgaria selected OnePIN’s BoosterX service to digitize user engagement initiatives with mobile customers. A1 will be leveraging OnePIN’s Digital Assistant services to create contextual, event-based user journeys and to streamline new customer registration and onboarding. OnePIN’s Digital Assistant will also enable the MNO to assist customers in optimizing their data plans and to retain customers by offering individualized engagements at the right times.

Additional information can be found in the OnePIN press release.

When a major foodservice player like Sodexo calls up your relatively young startup to ask whether you’d be interested in providing indoor ag services for their university clients, it’s safe to say you’ve arrived.

The Boston-based container farming company announced today a new partnership to bring Freight Farms’ Greenery container farm setups to the campuses that Sodexo services throughout the US. The goal of the partnership is to bring fresh, traceable produce to college foodservice year-round that’s pesticide- and insecticide-free with low food miles. Sodexo is engaging the company as part of its Better Tomorrow Commitments, developed according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Their partnership team reached out to us and said this is a huge problem we are trying to solve and we have been watching you guys from corporate headquarters and we saw you have proven adoption on all these different university campuses,” Brad McNamara, Freight Farms CEO, told AFN. “It’s a surreal moment when the 800-pound gorilla calls you and says we’ve been talking about you internally for six months. Can we work with you?”

Additional information can be found oni the Ag Funder News article.

Feyzi Celik, Chief Executive Officer of OnePIN, Inc., announced today that the innovative company shattered another significant milestone – surpassing an installed base of more than 500 million mobile subscribers.

“Today, there are half a billion mobile subscribers that have OnePIN’s solutions within their mobile devices,” he noted. “Helping 500 million people connect with each other and with brands and businesses they care about is simply an amazing and humbling accomplishment. Only a handful of companies have been able to reach this milestone. We are proud of our success in enabling Mobile Operators to digitally transform their mobile services around the world. In this ever changing and competitive industry, I firmly believe OnePIN will continue to bring innovative digital solutions to the mobile market to further extend our install base. More importantly, we’ll continue to create incredible value for our customers.”

Additional information can be found on the Yahoo Finance / CNW Group press release.

Device enables lowest cost, smallest form factor and highest performance for mobile devices

TriLumina, the leading developer of flip chip vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology for 3D sensing, announces the launch of the world’s first 3 W surface-mount, flip-chip, back-emitting VCSEL array without the need for a package submount or bond wires for mobile 3D sensing cameras. This new VCSEL-on-Board (VoB) technology enables higher performance, smaller size and lower costs, and simplifies time-of-flight (ToF) camera supply chains as compared to conventional VCSELs for 3D sensing.

Additional information can be found on the TriLumina website press release.

Wyebot, the B2B leader in autonomic WiFi assurance, today announced its flagship product, the Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP), has been selected as the winner of the “Overall WiFi Network Infrastructure of the Year” award from Mobile Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global wireless and mobile market.

The Wyebot WIP combines on-premises sensor hardware and cloud-based, vendor agnostic software that integrates seamlessly with any existing network infrastructure. Its AI-enabled wireless optimization algorithms work alongside next-generation predictive analytics to proactively identify potential threats or problems that can affect an organization’s WiFi network from running reliably and efficiently, while also providing actionable steps to optimize performance. The Wyebot WIP reduces mean time to resolution by up to 90%, decreases WiFi problem tickets by 50%, and reduces remote site visits by up to 80%.

Additional information can be found in the GlobeNewswire press release.

Creates Largest Company in the U.S. Endurance Event Photography Market

Gameface Media Inc., the world’s largest publisher of free amateur athletic photos, today announced that it has merged its operations with MarathonFoto, the top provider of athlete photos at the world’s largest marathons. The combined company provides more than 15,000,000 digital images to athletes every year and more than 30,000,000 digital page views every month during its race season.

The combined company will offer a range of solutions for athletes including photos for sale at major marathons and free digital photos at many smaller events across the country. Gameface launched a new model for amateur sports photography five years ago by providing its photos for free to athletes through an innovative sponsorship model. MarathonFoto has been the gold standard for offering photos for sale to athletes for more than 35 years.

Additional details can be found in the Endurance sportwire press release.

Company rolls out a comprehensive 3D strategy for multiple touchpoints in the customer journey including Augmented Reality, 3D Room Planning, Virtual Reality, and 360 Product Spins – all powered by Marxent’s 3D Cloud.

Today La-Z-Boy announced a partnership with Marxent, the leader in 3D product visualization for retail and ecommerce. La-Z-Boy has already launched several major 3D experiences powered by the Marxent® 3D Cloud, including Augmented Reality, 3D product configuration, and 3D room planning. La-Z-Boy is now expanding the Marxent partnership by making virtual reality available to its sales associates and professional designers.

“La-Z-Boy is famous for innovative product design and an unmatched furniture buying experience. It is our firm belief that the customer should get exactly what they envision. 3D visualization applications have become essential to delivering on that promise,” said Eli Winkler, Chief Marketing Officer for La-Z-Boy.

“The adoption of multiple 3D applications by La-Z-Boy is further evidence that the age of 3D Commerce in retail is upon us,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent CEO and Co-Founder. “But more importantly La-Z-Boy understands that taking advantage of a unified 3D platform prepares them for what’s still to come. 3D Search, 3D advertising, object recognition, social 3D, and many more 3D-powered consumer experiences are right around the corner. La-Z-Boy is executing perhaps one of the broadest implementations of 3D Commerce in retail. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such an iconic brand and outstanding partner.”

Additional information can be found in the Businesswire press release.

Daniel Vrandenburg, former president of Wilber-Ellis, has accepted the CEO role at Trace Genomics.

Rob Leclerc, a founding partner at VC firm AgFunder and investor in Trace Genomics, details the importance of this union in an article.

Wilbur-Ellis is a leading retailer of agriculture products — think seeds, fertilizers, services — in the US and globally in other verticals too. The team is first class. For 37 years, Dan helped build Wilbur-Ellis into a modern-day powerhouse. He started at Wilbur-Ellis in 1982 as a field sales agronomist and worked his way up to become president of the business that today grosses over $2 billion in annual sales and spans 160 branch locations and 3,000 employees in the US.

Trace Genomics has made tremendous strides in decoding how soil biology can be used to create value for farmers and agronomists on every acre, and now it’s time to press the gas on commercialization.

More details can be found on the website.

Dan Vradenburg, the former president of leading ag-retailer Wilbur Ellis, has joined Trace Genomics as chief executive officer. Vradenburg will help guide Trace Genomics, which is the first company to link breakthroughs in genomics, machine learning and agronomy, into its next phase of operations.

Vradenburg joins the executive team with Trace Genomics’ founders Dr. Diane Wu and Dr. Poornima Parameswaran, who will continue to focus on product development and corporate strategy.

“We first got to know Dan as a customer when we helped perform some initial tests on his vineyard and olive orchard,” says Wu. “When Dan saw what our tests revealed about his soil and how it influences his farming operations, we started to bond over our mutual excitement for how our technology and this dataset will impact the entire industry. I’m excited and grateful to have Dan join us as a mentor and a partner. He will help propel us forward and lead our world-class team of experts to shape the future of agriculture.”

“Dan is the right leader for Trace Genomics,” adds Parameswaran. “His decades of agribusiness experience and operations, as well as conviction that technology can transform our food and agriculture systems, complement our efforts to scale and position the business to enable critical decision-making on every arable acre. Dan’s thoughtful, decisive management style will help shape Trace Genomics as we move toward full commercialization. And most importantly, Dan is a natural fit with our company culture and shares our purpose to grow a healthier tomorrow, today.”

More details can be found on the PR Newswire press release.

Elementus, a startup focused on spotting illicit transactions made with cryptocurrency, today announced raising $3.5 million, partly from a fund linked to Fidelity Investments.

The round was led by Morgan Creek Digital, a venture fund focused on blockchain technology, including cryptocurrency and related tools. Also joining the round was Avon Ventures, a venture capital subsidiary of Devonshire Investors, the private equity arm of Fidelity Investments’ parent company. Fidelity has become one of the first mainstream Wall Street brokerage and investing firms to offer cryptocurrency services.

Additional information can be found in the Fortune article.

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