Seed Stage to Growth.

Our focus is to invest in disruptive Deep Tech and Science companies that are transforming global industries.
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The Four Pillars

We aim to be a BRIDGE spanning the “Capital Gap” for early stage entrepreneurs with capital efficient fund models for Limited Partners.

At S1V, we believe in the power of innovative ideas and the people behind them. Our mission is to help these entrepreneurs turn their dreams into a reality.

The depth of Stage 1 Ventures venture capital and operating experience makes it a trusted partner for entrepreneurs looking to build their companies both smarter and faster. The firm is structured to maximize the time its partners spend working cooperatively with entrepreneurs to add value to their companies. Portfolio companies benefit from access to the broad skills, contacts and resources of the entire Stage 1 Ventures team.  

BrIdging Connections

Providing access to the broad skills, contacts and resources of the entire Stage 1 team to help startups achieve your goals.
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Extensive Network

Decades of operating experience that the team at Stage 1 has in commercializing science and technology innovation. This extensive network helps you to gain valuable insights and connections in the industry.
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Global Leaders &
Co-investment Partners

A collaboration between multiple investors to pool resources and fund a startup together. This allows for a larger investment and greater involvement in the company's success.
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Market Insight &
Driving Forces

Access to market intelligence, validation, and information on trends and driving forces in the industry. This is achieved through banking relationships including Cowen, Canaccord Genuity, and Flagship Pioneering.
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Process - SSVSS

Growth, Sustainability, and the Power of Scale

S1V's SSVSS framework is a comprehensive guide for startups to transform their seemingly impossible ideas into reality. The five-step process is designed to help startups navigate through various stages of development, from idea to market success.

A good idea can happen anywhere: You don’t need to live in our backyard or be previously venture-backed – just have a great vision/idea and exhibit persistent behavior and passion to achieve success. It is our goal to mentor and help establish a new generation of serial entrepreneurs. In the end, it’s all about execution from great management and we often find that great entrepreneurs are some of the most reflective and active learners. Together we will make "timing" happen.

Stage-gated, research-driven, and agile development

Strategic Innovation: SSVSS

We start with bold, seemingly impossible ideas and guide them towards transformative results.


Scan - Identifying potential opportunities and exploring new ideas by generating multiple hypotheses and iterating and refining through collaboration with experts.

  • Network involved — Research, Iterate & Refine
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Seeding & Deployment

Selection - Investing small amounts in a selective number of seed projects, using "option bets" approach through our Seed Fund and SPVs.

  • Proof of Concept Driven
  • Network involved — Critique & Evolve
  • Item 3

Business & IP Development

Validation - Enhancing the value of the selected projects(option bets) by developing the business and intellectual property, while keeping track of operations.

  • IP Creation
  • Team Formation
  • Network Involved — Advisory

Growth Equity Investment

Scale - When it becomes clear that the company is scaling revenue, preemptively lead (or co-lead) a growth equity investment to double down on the breakout winners

  • Assemble Broader Team & Board
  • Item 2 (eg Execute Product & Platform Development Plan)
  • Item 3

Milestone Approach

Success - Monitoring and supporting the company's growth continuously through a milestone-based approach, to ensure long-term success and value creation for all stakeholders.

  • Execution / Exit Strategy
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.

Innovation, Value Creation.

Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.
Innovation, Value Creation.

An investment platform to accelerate the growth of disruptive companies.

Collaboration with the right teams and technologies lead to exceptional outcomes.

- 30 Years of Investing
- 100 Leading Companies
- $2 Billion of Investment Proceeds

"David Baum and Stage 1 ventures first assisted our company in its early stages. They have continued to support us through a number of rounds, and have been a great partner in all aspects - not only funding, but, strategic knowledge, general advice and much more. I look forward to continually working with David and his team."

Darren Peries
CEO and Founder of aiScout

"I have known the Stage 1 team for 10 years. They have been great co-investor partners and bring access to an extensive network of operating executives in the technology and ag sectors.  They know how to build companies from the ground up."

Ignacio Martinez
Co-Founder Invaio & General Partner at Flagship Pioneering

"David and Stage 1 are the best. I've worked with top tier investors at all stages - Stage 1 supports entrepreneurs, makes decisions quickly, and drives real and sustained value as a partner. A++"

Tod Loofbourrow
CEO & Chairman of ViralGains

“There’s capital, and there’s smart useful capital. Stage 1 Ventures is the latter. They bring their venture and entrepreneurial experience to bear in support of the business as well as an extensive network that opens doors with customers and strategic capital.”

Alex Gruzen
CEO & Board Member of WiTricity

"Working with our David Baum at Stage 1 has been transformative for our business. Their expertise, guidance, and unwavering support have been instrumental in propelling our growth and success. We couldn't have asked for better partners given their expertise in founding and scaling some of the most Iconic brands in software, data and analytics. Thank you for believing in our vision and helping us turn it into reality."

Tim Moss
CEO & Chairman of Talkmap

"Stage 1 Ventures has been instrumental in helping us scale and transform the IT operations market.  Their expertise and leadership in scaling enterprise businesses combined with creative fundraising options is a powerful combination for a startup company!"

Roger Sands
CEO of Wyebot
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.

Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.

Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.
Visibility. Liquidity. Returns.

We Turn Potential into Performance

"Focus on building the business and making rapid, informed decisions that drive towards a successful outcome paves the path to raising capital.”
— Joseph Pianelli, Operating Partner

At every stage of a company's development, from seed to explosive growth, we partner with entrepreneurial management teams to help them achieve their goals.

Beyond the Horizon

We stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements and provide valuable insights into event horizons to give our companies an advantage.

Navigating to Liquidity

We aim to bring our partners to liquidity as quickly as possible, with a targeted duration of 3-5 years. By carefully managing risk and focusing on disruptive companies, we strive to provide a shorter path to financial return.

Higher Investment Returns

By leveraging our extensive network, market intelligence, and co-investment partnerships, our investment strategy enables us to maximize ROI.

Strategic Co-Investing Relationships

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